247staff - Permanent and Temporary Staff

247staff is a national recruitment agency which started in 1999. In recent years we have followed a sustained expansion programme and currently have over 50 branches throughout the UK.

Recruitment is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK and over the last 15 years the industry's turnover has increased from £5 billion to a staggering £28 billion a year.

Our research shows that we are now the fastest growing recruitment agency and franchise. This growth is being generated by attracting new people into our business from a variety of backgrounds and experience.

247staff can offer you a Franchise in the recruitment industry however we prefer to think of our business together as a joint venture.

In order to start your own recruitment agency, you will be required to provide some investment capital for training, set-up costs and cash flow. We in turn provide you with a list of immediate jobs to fill plus access to a database of 3 million candidates together with all the knowledge and skills you will need in order to set up and run a successful recruitment business.


Have a look at these links and if you wish to proceed to the next step, send me your contact details on the email below and I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, having read this web site, if you would prefer to have a chat on the phone, then please complete the details below and I will be contact.

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What is it?

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How does it work?

LogoCould you do it?

Is this the right time for you to have a change in your working life? You will need; focus; commitment; the will to win; a businesslike attitude; some money and some time.

If you feel any of the above questions relate to your present situation, this may be the right time for you to consider something different.

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Franchise Training

3 Days Residential Training


14 Days On-Site - Training and Mentor Programme

A complete, in depth and hands-on operational training covering all aspects of your business over a fourteen day period with the eventual aim that you will successfully operate your own 247staff business. You will be trained on all aspects of recruitment from sourcing vacancies to finding suitable candidates for the job.

Secondly, we have two teams of people to help with your business. The National Sales Team and Regional Support. Both these teams are tasked and targeted to; set-up and get your business started and; to be your business mentor for the first year or until your income is £3000 per week or more.

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LogoCost of Franchise and levels of business

The business includes:

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Income streams

You would access and gain income from:

Composite income possibilities - Total income £770k

Inclusive development costs £15,000 - £25,000

The typical development costs for a franchise, including office setup costs**; training costs and working capital would be in the range of £15,000 - £25,000. Funding is available subject to status and security but you will need approximately 50% of the money to leverage the balance.

* local conditions apply - contacts are available where applicable
** dependent on what equipment and/or office space you may already have

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