1. What you need to know about us
A high-calibre player in the nation's overnight delivery industry, Amtrak Express Parcels is a company whose name is synonymous with quality and reliability.

  Franchised network

Launched in 1987 and with turnover approaching £80 million, Amtrak's comprehensive and dedicated nationwide network of depots, established through a proven franchise formula, offers customers a unique individual and local level of service.

With over 100 franchisees operating a fleet of around 1,000 vehicles, no other carrier provides an earlier average delivery time for next-day consignments, or a later cut-off time for requesting same day collections on a national basis.

Amtrak has 25 franchisees who have been operating Amtrak depots for over 10 years.

"When I saw how competitors worked in the overnight delivery market I thought 'I can do that' - and I have, only better! I run the Sheffield depot with my brothers: we are part of a family business and within Amtrak, we realise that we are part of a much bigger family and that is what motivates us." Steve Ledger, Sheffield Franchisee


Global capability

This distinctive local service offering is offset by a truly global capability: Amtrak International delivers parcels to over 180 countries around the globe, offering extremely competitive rates and our swiftest ever worldwide service. Amtrak provides the ideal option for busy customers wanting the 'smart' solution - a one-stop shop that does away with the necessity to source separate carriers for UK and global dealings


For customers who demand true flexibility, a full range of domestic and international services makes it simple to tailor collections and deliveries to suit individual and business requirements.


Extensive investment in technology and transport systems continues to be a priority; specialist technology solutions have been developed in direct response to customer needs, providing automation of collection requests, despatch management, labelling of goods, on-line tracking and POD facilities.


Amtrak is a full member of the British Franchise Association and is ISO 9002 accredited.

2. What you need to know about being an Amtrak Franchisee


Franchise Training

New franchisees undergo a five-week company induction programme that includes training in sales and operations. All franchisees receive ongoing training and guidance as required, as well as regular financial, operational and sales reviews of their business.

Franchise Support

Amtrak franchisees are supported at all levels of the Company, from the franchise department - incorporating regional field support and franchise development - to transport, security, sales and marketing, and IT.

The field support team of regional managers offers a single point of contact for every franchisee on a daily basis. This team helps franchisees secure new business sales and develop their existing customer base by providing training, advice and support, as well as supplying guidance on financial management and cost control to help franchisees improve the profitability of their business.


The main focus of the franchise development team is to evolve and advance the network, bring new franchisees on board, provide franchisees with guidance enabling them to manage and progress their own business, and help improve franchise network profitability.

The Company sets high standards to protect and maintain Amtrak's reputation for quality and safeguard the interests of each franchisee's business. To ensure that all locations comply with these criteria, operational audits are conducted throughout the network on a regular basis.

The Franchise Forum

The Amtrak franchise forum is attended by volunteers from the franchise network, company directors and managers of franchise support departments. It is held a minimum of four times a year and is designed to encourage the cross flow of ideas, consultation on initiatives, and feedback on business and marketing opportunities.

Every franchisee has the opportunity to contribute ideas that help to improve services and strengthen the network. The regional managers hold meetings with all franchisees prior to each forum so that their ideas can be put forward for discussion at the next forum meeting.

What You Do

As an Amtrak Franchisee you lease a depot with our advice and support, acquire fully liveried vans, employ and manage staff to handle all collections, deliveries and customer care to the highest standards set by Amtrak, and produce management and annual accounts. Last, but by no means least, you sell the Amtrak service and build your business.

  "I believe in the product and have a passion for what we
do. I love the control of being in charge of my own
business. The hours are long but the rewards can be
fantastic. We are totally focused on motivation and
growth. It is more than just a business, it is a way
of life!" Terry Hyslop, Bournemouth Franchisee

What You Get

Taking on a franchise within a proven operation substantially reduces the risks of running your own business. All Amtrak franchisees have exclusive post-code areas and receive a guaranteed cash flow with all commissions paid monthly - we pay more commission per consignment to our franchisees than our competitors. Amtrak provides all systems and procedures, nationwide trunking, parcel sortation and scanning. We also take care of all invoicing and credit control so that you don't run the risk of bad debts.

Current locations

The Amtrak network comprises over 100 locations established over 15 years. Most of our franchisees have enjoyed success with the business for many years and some now wish to retire; occasionally people find they want to move on for personal reasons.

We recommend that you contact the franchise department on the telephone number or email address shown below, for an information pack and application form.


Amtrak is a mature franchise business with franchises operating in almost every area of the country. Prices vary greatly depending on how well the area has been developed by the existing franchisee. The minimum investment is £50,000, while some areas can expect to be sold for as much as £250,000 or more.

3. How to decide if you are ideal for Amtrak

If you like what you've seen so far, there are just a few questions you need to ask yourself - and answer honestly.

  • Do I have the spirit of a true entrepreneur?

  • Am I ready to run my own business with professionalism, passion and the drive to succeed?

  • Do I have business acumen and managerial skills?

  • Do I have a strong sales commitment and the desire to grow my business?

  • Do I want the chance to prosper without the risk of going it alone, the headache of monthly invoicing and possible bad debts?

If the answer is a definite 'yes', then you are on the right track.

With guaranteed monthly income - remember, we pay more per consignment than our competitors - and no risk of bad debts, Amtrak franchisees can concentrate on growing and developing their business. If you've got what it takes to join the best, contact us today and take the first step on the road to success.

01922 747030